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Conditioner Bars

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Product Description

The Eco Shift Conditioner Bars are plant based, all natural ingredients and cruelty free. Hand made and hand crafted in the Phils.

Ingredients for the Conditioner bar - Blend of shea butter, cocoa butter & avocado oil with essential oil for the scent.

Conditioner Bar 50grams good for approximately 50 washes , available in 3 variants Cool as Mint, Sweet as Candy and Fresh as Morning

New variants of The Eco Shift Condi Bars now available!


Feel the love and smell heavenly with Popeyes’s Olive.


Be as sweet as you can be with Viva Vanilla.


The Eco Shift condi bars! So good. So sweet..


*The new variants are reformulated and contains the ff ingredients:

BTMS 70, Tea Tree Oil, Argan Oil, Cetyl, Essential Oil Scent and Colorant..

.All bars are meant for hair moisturizing , variations only in scent.

Care instructions:

The bars may attract moisture due to its moisturizing properties and may cause it to sweat. For the bars to last its longest we recommend that you store them on a soap dish with drain holes and keep them away from spraying water while not in use.