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Premium Shampoo Bars

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Product Description

Ray of Sunshine in Patchouli. Rich in virgin coconut oil. Rosemary extract, protects your scalp from inflammation and promotes hair growth.


Sulfate free. Paraben Free.  Plastic Free.


Pure Joy:

Just like the golden flowers it is made from, Pure Joy smells joyful and summery! 

100% free of Sulphates, Paraben and Artificial Colours. 

Superbly moisturising, hydrating, and nourishing daily wash for kids and for whole family.

It has Ground Oatmeal, Calendula extract and Petals, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil and Pro vitamin B5.


How to use:

Wet hair completely.

Massage unto scalp and hair, let soak for a minute or two.

Rinse thoroughly.

Place your shampoo bar on a dry soap dish after use.